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Tick and Flea Medication for Pets

Fleas are common issues for many pet owners. You can see them affecting all sorts of pests but it is cats and dogs who are affected the most. Thus, being able to treat your pets from these pesky creatures and controlling them at the same time once eradicated is crucial to keep both your family and pets safe. However, there are so many medication methods and medications that could be applied. This is basically the question that stops people in deciding which one to get.

The initial thing you should be doing is making yourself mindful of the different flea pet medications and to how each of it works to control pests. Whether you believe it or not, there are three major categories of this product that can be chosen and these include oral medicines, topical and collars.

Flea collars – the truth is, these flea collars were the first product introduced to control fleas in pets. It’s back in 1964 when such collars were designed to control fleas on pets. Even after few decades, it still kept its popularity by being the most effective and safest option. Its effectiveness on the other hand has been put to spotlight at times. Flea collars work by releasing a small amount of chemicals which spreads gradually across the fur of your pet.

As you can imagine, the area that is closest to collar will get the most protection and those that are far from it gets the least. The uneven application is what causing pets to be bitten towards their underside and rear. The ticks are often attacking around the neck, ears and head so this is one huge benefits of using collars.

Flea topical – this is one of the major breakthroughs when it comes to flea treatment. These are liquid pet medications that are applied with just a couple of drops to the back of your pet. These topical are very popular as what has been shown as well by the best and leading pet products in the market. All of these are effective in regards to controlling ticks and fleas.

Oral flea medication – this works inside out and available in two forms, liquid or pill medication. They let the pesticide to be released to the skin of your pet and therefore, killing the ticks and fleas. These medicines have a limited effect in comparison to topical and most of the time, just a dosage of it is enough to last for several days.

All flea and tick medications are very effective in killing such creatures that lurk in your cat or dog. It’s up to you as their owners what to choose and use.

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