Coral Reef: A cosmopolitan city under the sea

Coral Reef: A cosmopolitan city under the sea: The tropical coral reef is a cosmopolitan city under the sea. There are high-rise blocks, narrow alleyways, broad avenues and grand piazzas, with ufabet diverse city dwellers from every major animal group on Earth.

Coral Reef

These reefs cover just 0.1 per cent of the ocean’s surface area, yet they are home to 25 per cent of all known marine species, and new ones are being discovered every day.

Surprisingly, tropical reefs are located in parts of the ocean where the ufabet water is poor in nutrients. Almost everything they need is manufactured within the city, and so the competition for space and resources is intense.

Some of these reefs are colossal structures – the Great Barrier Reef is so big it is clearly visible from space – but they are extremely delicate.

Their health is dependent on clean, clear water, an abundance of sunlight, and a common water temperature of 25–30°C, so they are found only in shallow waters, away from major rivers, in a narrow band either side of the Ufabet Equator bounded by latitudes 30°N and 30°S.

These picky demands mean that tropical coral reefs are highly vulnerable to even minor glitches in the environment. They are like cities under siege.

The impact of large-scale change, such as overfishing, ocean acidification and rising temperatures and sea levels, is potentially devastating.