Turtle Rock Health Spa

Turtle Rock Health Spa: The wash-and-brush-up service provided by local cleaner fish.

Turtle Rock Health Spa: The wash-and-brush-up service provided by local cleaner fish: In any great city, the morning rush hour sees commuters racing to their ufabet destinations, and the coral reef metropolis is no exception. Time wasted is feeding time lost, but for some the first appointment of the day is a visit to the health spa.

Turtle Rock Health Spa

Turtle Rock Health Spa

An old female green sea turtle emerges from the coral overhang under which she has spent most of the night asleep, lodged firmly in place to prevent her from floating up to the surface between breaths. While inactive she can hold her breath for several hours ufabet, but now it is time to move, and move fast.

She wants to be first at the spa, and for the moment there’s not another turtle in sight.

A sea turtle with algae covering its carapace and parasites on the softer parts of its body is going to be slower, less healthy and at a disadvantage compared to one without, so she heads for the wash-and-brush-up service provided by local cleaner fish.

It would have been better to saunter. The disturbance has woken other turtles, and they’ve noticed she’s making a break for it. There is only room for one turtle at a time at the ufabet spa, so the race is on.

On the reef at Sipadan, off the coast of Malaysian Borneo, Turtle Rock is a world-famous cleaning station. It is an unusual undersea landmark because the rocky outcrop has a well-worn hollow in the top that has been eroded by countless generations of sea turtles checking in to be cleaned. The first to arrive receives the five-star treatment, so the queue can involve a bit of argy-bargy, as underwater cameraman Roger Munns found out:

Green turtles have a well-deserved reputation for being very docile, but they are not so friendly when they want their shells cleaned at Ufabet Turtle Rock. They bite and headbutt each other in order to get the best spot. They’re very aggressive.

When the other turtles catch up and crowd in, they bite the lead female’s flippers and generally make life difficult for her, but it’s all to no avail: the first in is the first to be spruced up. Bicolour blennies appear from their burrows in the coral, and dark surgeonfish hover expectantly, ready to service the first customer of the day.